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Tumbling, washing, and picking:  All incoming fiber is sent to the tumbler to help remove vegetable matter (VM), dirt, and any second cuts that are hanging on the fiber.  From there the fiber is washed, dried, and opened by picking.  These services are included in the price of our roving, batts, and yarn.  

Fiber separator: The fiber separator is used to remove guard hair and VM prior to taking your fiber to the carder.  Not all fleeces require the separator.  Those that do go through the separator come out as a fine web of fiber or “cloud”, ready for the carder.

Carding: We can card your fiber into roving or batts. 

Rug Yarn: If you have seconds piling up on you at home, you might consider using them for rug yarn.  The core is 4 ply cotton that the carder wraps your fiber around.  Great for weaving rugs!

Spinning: We make skeins of 200 yd, unless otherwise discussed.  We can also leave your yarn on cones.  






All prices are for incoming weight.  Any lots less than 2lbs. will be charged at the 2lb. minimum fee.  All prices include tumbling, washing, and picking. 

Tumbling, washing, and picking:                                                                   

Price is built into all services; additional wash is $3/lb

Fiber separator:                                                                                 $10/lb

Optional step for fiber that has heavy VM and/or guard hair.

Roving & batts:                                                                                  $22/lb




All yarn is wound into 200 yd skeins. If you prefer your yarn left on the cone there is a $1.50 per cone charge.

Rug yarn:                                                                                           $22.50/lb

Please specify thick or thin core

Bulky:                                                                                                $29/lb

Sport:                                                                                                $31/lb

Fingering:                                                                                           $36/lb


Blending:                                                                                         $2.50/lb

Blending fee does not include blending materials.  We prefer that if you want blending in your yarn that you provide the material to blend with.

Skirting:                                                                                                    $35/fleece

We prefer that you skirt your fleece prior to sending it to us.



All prices are subject to change without notice.  Last updated 9/12/20


Updated November 30, 2020